Improving the packaging and transportation of Tl-201 and Ga-67 radiopharmaceuticals for imaging and therapy centers

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Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Introduction: Radiopharmaceuticals, drugs whose molecular composition includes a radioactive isotope, are extremely important in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Handling radiopharmaceuticals presents health concerns, not only for patients, doctors, and nurses, but also for production and transportation personnel and the general public. Our aim is to impediment IAEA standards procedure and to minimize exposure. In this work we improve the packaging and transportation system of Tl-201 and Ga-67 radiopharmaceuticals for Imaging and Therapy Centers. 
Methods: The packaging which was designed at the Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute had passed all the standard quality control tests by the National Radiation Protection Department (NRPD) and approved as type A radioactive packaging. These packaging are white buckets with light preservative polymer as holder of lead shield containing radiopharmaceutical vial. The packages are marked with a yellow ΙΙ category label which includs the type of radiopharmaceutical, the activity and transport index (TI). The second label on the top of package includes the name and address of consignor, consignee and the activity of radiopharmaceutical. 
Results: The radiopharmaceutical production and distribution process must balance health, economic, and safety concerns. This paper proposes a method for evaluating current and proposed patterns in the radiopharmaceutical transportation. The benefit of this packaging system is the minimum exposure to personnel (the average doses rate by the buckets are 1.97 µ Sv/h for Tl-201 and 43.6 µ Sv/h for Ga-67 respectively, which is less than 2 mSv/h, the standard given by IAEA[1]. 
Conclusion: By applying Regulations for the safe Transport of Radioactive Material, in addition the reduction of surface contamination and increasing the satisfaction of consignee, it will open the way to export radiopharmaceutical. References 1. IAEA “ Regulations for the safe Transport of Radioactive Material”,S.S No.ST, 1996