Article Type: Case report
A 73-year-old male, referred by his GP with dyspepsia unresponsive to proton pump inhibitors. His past medical history included COPD, ischemic heart disease, Iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) investigated with colonoscopy and a colonic polyp removed 2012. In the absence of a clear treatable condition behind his IDA, his low Iron was treated with Iron supplement Ferrous Sulphate. His current medications included esmoeprazole, ranitidine, atorvastain, losartan, inhalers, and ferrous sulphate. He was a heavy smoker, with a history of alcohol excess in the past. On Iron tablet his blood test revealed a normocytic anaemia with a Hb of 126, normal LFTs, U&Es, Amylase and CRP of 2.5. There was no history of blood transfusion and serum ferritin was 14 prior to the Iron therapy.