Protective Effect of 25Mg-Porphyrin-Fullerene Nanoparticles on Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation/Reperfusion Injury in PC12 Cells

Acta Medica Iranica Journal

Volume 54 - Number 8

Article Type: Original Article

We investigated the effects of 25Mg-Porphyrin-Fullerene nanoparticles, (25MgPMC16) smart ferroporphyrin nanoparticles, on PC12 cells exposed to oxygen-glucose deprivation/reperfusion. In order to explore its effect on cells under oxygen-glucose deprivation conditions, the cultures were pretreated with 25MgPMC16 24 hours prior to oxygen-glucose deprivation/reperfusion. To initiate the oxygen-glucose deprivation/reperfusion, the cell culture medium was replaced with a glucose-free medium and the cells were transferred to a humidified incubation chamber in a mixture of 95% N2 and 5% CO2 at 37° C for 30, 60 and 120 min. Cell viability was assessed by MTT assay. Exposure of PC12 cells to 30, 60 and 120 min oxygenglucose deprivation significantly decreased the cell viability. Pretreatment of the cultures with 25MgPMC16 significantly increased cell viability in a concentration-dependent manner. Pretreatment, the cultures with MK-801 (10 μM), a non-competitive NMDA antagonist, has attenuated the cell death after 30 min oxygenglucose deprivation. We concluded that 25MgPMC16 could protect PC12 cells against oxygen-glucose deprivation/reperfusion-induced cell injury in a concentration-dependent manner. That could be due to the effect of 25MgPMC16 on ATP synthesis and the antioxidant effects of its components. © 2016 Tehran University of Medical Sciences. All rights reserved. Acta Med Iran, 2016;54(8):478-484.

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