Reliability, Validity and Feasibility of Persian Version of PedsQL TM Generic Core Scales in Toddlers, Children and Early Adolescent

Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases

Volume 5 - Number Suppl.1

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Introduction. One of the most important aspects of preventive medicine is improving quality of life. Health related quality of life (HRQOL) includes not only physical functioning but also emotional and social functioning dimensions. According to our knowledge, there is no valid Persian version of PedsQl questionnaire. We are the first group in Iran that validated this questionnaire for children and early adolescents into Persian version. The aim of the study was to evaluate the reliability, validity and feasibility of the Persian version of the Pediatric Quality of Life inventory (PedsQLTM 4.0) Generic Core Scales in Iranian healthy students ages 7 to 15 and chronically ill children ages 2 to 18. Methods. We followed the translation methodology proposed by developer. Sample of 160 healthy students (chosen by random cluster method between 4 regions of Esfahan education office) and 60 chronically ill children (chosen consequently from patients referred to St. Alzahra hospital private clinics) and their parents completed the Persian version of PedsQLTM4.0 Generic Core Scales. Results. The Persian version of PedsQLTM4.0 Generic Core Scales discriminated between healthy and chronically ill children (healthy students mean score was 12.3 better than chronically ill children, P < 0.001). Cronbach’s Alpha internal consistency values exceeded 0.7 for children self reports and proxy reports of children 5 to 7 years old and 13 to 18 years old. Reliability of proxy reports for 2 to 4 years old was much lower than 0.7. Although proxy reports for chronically ill children 8 to 12 years old was more than 0.7 these reports for healthy children with same age group was slightly lower than 0.7. Constructive, criterion, face and content validity were all acceptable. The Persian version of PedsQLTM4.0 Generic Core Scales was feasible and easy to complete. Conclusion. Results show that the Persian version of PedsQLTM4.0 Generic Core Scales is suitable for pediatric health researches children over 8 and parents of chronically ill children over 5. It is necessary to find an alternate scoring for 2 to 4 years old questionnaire to increase reliability of this form for healthy children in the age range of 8 to 12 with especial attention to Iranian culture.