Effect of Matricaria chamomilla extract on the electrically stimulation of ileum of guinea-pig in invitro model

Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Volume 3 - Number Supple.2

Article Type: Original Article
Previous studies indicate that Matricaria chamomilla (MC), a folk remedy plant, is very useful in the treatment of spasmogenic bowel diseases but the way of its action is not clear. For this purpose, we studied the effect of MC extract on the electrically activation in Guinea-Pig ileum in an invitro model. We used guinea pig in this study. After of kill, we brouhght out a piece of ileum and fixed it in organ bath. After adaptation of the tissue, we used electrical stimulation and recorded the response by physiograph. Stimulation of guinea pig ileum at 0.1 Hz in normal Tyrode solution resulted in increase of electrical activity and twitch contractions of this muscle. Results indicated that addition of MC during 0.1 Hz stimulation diminished and enhanced this electrical activity in a dose dependent manner. High concentration of MC significantly increased electrical stimulation of ileum (P<0.001). However, lower of concentration of MC had an opposite effect (P<0.01). It is concluded that MC extract effectiveness on electrical stimulation in guinea pig ileum is dependent on dose. The mechanism of this effect is not clear. We suggest the involvement of colinergic system in ileum in the MC effect. Nevertheless, for elucidation of this manner and other system (s) that may be involved on this mechanism further reaserches are needed.