The effect of Ferula persica on modulation of withdrawal syndrome sign in morphine-dependent mice

Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Volume 3 - Number Supple.1

Article Type: Original Article
Tolerance and dependence are two main problems that have limited morphine administration. There are several reports on the effect of some medicinal plants on morphine-induced tolerance and dependence. In this study we investigated the effect of Ferula persica (FP) extract on modulation of withdrawal syndrome sign (WSS). For this purpose, male Albino mice (25-30 g, n=30) were used. Morphine was used to produce drug dependency according to Marshall method. The criteria for measuring intensity of morphine dependency were number of jumping and weight loss. Test groups received extract of FP at two doses (i.p.) and control group received vehicle (i.p.) 10 min before injection of naloxone for assessment of WSS. The results showed that FP extract significantly modulates withdrawal syndrome signs only for weight loss and not for number of jumping in morphine-dependent mice (P<0.01). These findings indicated that FP extract has a modulatory effect on withdrawal syndrome in morphine-dependant rats. Therefore, it is warranted to reveal its underlying mechanisms of effect in future research studies.