The effect of aqueous extract of Coriandrium sativum seed on acute and chronic pain in formalin test in mice

Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Volume 3 - Number Supple.1

Article Type: Original Article
Previous investigations have shown that Coriandrium sativum (CS) modulates pain in both animals and human. The aim of this research was to assess the role of CS on acute and chronic pain in formalin test in mice. In this study, male albino mice (n=35) in 5 groups (25-30 g) were used. CS (100, and 200 mg/kg) and saline were injected 30 min before formalin test. Indexes of signs were licking and foot elevation for assessment of acute pain (5 min) and chronic pain (15-40 min) after injection of formalin 5% (25 µl) into right paw. Results indicated that CS has analgesic effect by decreasing the duration of acute and chronic phases in comparison with control groups at both doses (P<0.01). Also, the higher dose of the CS was more effective (P<0.01). Above findings show that CS extract has a modulatory effect on peripheral pain in formalin test.