Aminoglycoside and Nephrotoxicity: The Effect of Virgin Olive Oil

Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases

Volume 3 - Number Suppl.1

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Introduction. Aminoglycoside produce nephrotoxicity in humans. Gentamicin is an aminoglycoside that its nephrotoxic action cause acute renal failure and limit the extent of its use. Reactive oxygen species have been proposed as one of the causative factors of the drug renal side effects. This study was designed to evaluate the protective effects of virgin olive oil that has antioxidant component against Gentamicin nephrotoxicity in rats. Methods. 32 Male rats were randomly assigned to one of the following groups: Group 1 (Control), Group 2 (Sham) olive oil (5g/100g Diet) was added to diet for 4 weeks. Group 3 (Gentamicin) gentamicin (100mg/kg ip) injected for 6 days. Group 4 (Gentamicin + Olive oil) the same as group 2 but gentamicin (100mg/kg ip) administrated in last 6 days. Finally, Animals were anaesthetized with i.p. injection of ketamine and blood sample and kidneys were removed from the body. Results. No difference existed between serum BUN and Creatinine in group 1 and 2. Histological sections from these groups showed normal histology. In group 3 significant increase in serum BUN and Creatinine existed in contrast to control and sections showed moderate degrees of tubular damage. In group 4 although olive oil could decrease serum BUN and Creatinine, but there were not significant change in contrast to group 3. In this group sections showed mild degrees of tubular damage. Conclusion. In this study gentamicin injection caused nephrotoxicity that demonstrated by elevation in serum BUN and Creatinine and moderate degrees of tubular damage that characterized with the presence of luminal debris, cellular vacuolation and pyknosis. However, there was a trend of prevention from injury in the olive oil group, demonstrated by less tubular damage (mild degree of damage). Virgin olive oil has effective antioxidant component, like orthophenoles, that has beneficial effects on renal preservation in gentamicininduced nephrotoxicity.