Health Promotion Perspectives

Volume 1 - Number Supple.1

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Introduction: Breastfeeding for all infants and should be preferred in the first time possible after birth to 6 months old and started as a monopoly continues. Unfortunately, in recent years notwithstanding the many efforts to promote exclusive breast feeding in first 6 months of life in the country's health system networks has been done however enough information from the prevalence and practice of feeding infants and mothers in the country, especially in Yazd not available. Methods: In this study, 190 mothers with children under one year of health centers of Yazd, the research instrument that includes demographic information and questionnaire about the practice of mothers feeding their infants with breast milk was, completed. Data analysis by SPSS computer software and using statistical tests (descriptive - analytic) took appropriate. Results: The mean age of participating mothers 26 years and minimum age 17 years and maximum age was 43 years old. 50.5 percent level of education of mothers as well as diploma and 8.5 percent had primary education. Fathers in education 8.6 percent and 37.4 percent of elementary and high school diploma 26.3 percent and 29.5 percent of academic guidance .83.7 percent of mothers were housewives, and 65.8 percent had fathers were employed. The average yield in mothers breast feeding 0.83+3.35 Of the total score was 2. Results showed a significant correlation between the variables father education, child gender, birth order, family economic status and growth status in children with mothers practice exclusive breast feeding has been educated as possible so that more parents, birth children less, and economic status and growth performance was better in children of mothers in breast feeding was better. (P <0.05). Conclusion : The practice of mothers about breast feeding children with moderate and should be holding educational classes on health centers and considering variables in this case the function is associated with mothers, causing them to improve performance by breast feeding were feeding on.