Emotional Support for New Graduated Nurses in Clinical Setting: a Qualitative Study

Journal of caring sciences

Volume 5 - Number 1

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Introduction: Newly graduated nurses experience many stressful situations during transition to practice. The provision of emotional support from more experienced nurses can ameliorate such work-related tension. Studies have not clearly specified the means through which such support could be most effectively provided; therefore the present study was conducted to explore the experiences of qualified nurses around the provision of emotional support to newly graduated nurses. Methods: This qualitative study was conducted through semi-structured interviews with 18 qualified nurses. A purposive sampling approach was used for selection of participants. Interviews were transcribed verbatim and analyzed by the conventional content analysis method. The study took place from 2014-2015 in six teaching hospitals in the northwest of Iran. Results: Emotional supports emerged in four following main-categories: Assurance, creating a sense of relaxation and security, lifting spirits, and emotional belonging and involvement. Conclusion: These results can help to establish an effective source of emotional support for newly graduated nurses. This can play an important role in reducing their stress and anxiety, in increasing their self-confidence and in forming a constructive relationship between them and qualified nurses.
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