Evaluation of Saccular Function Pre-Post Cochlear Implant Surgery Using VEMPs

Iranian Rehabilitation Journal

Volume 13 - Number 4

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Objectives: The aim of present study was evaluation of saccule function in cochlear implant candidates with severe to profound sensory neural hearing loss Before and after cochlear implantation
Methods : In this study 35 cochlear implant (CI) candidates with bilateral severe to profound sensory neural hearing loss before and about 30 days after cochlear implant and 20 normal-hearing cases as a control group underwent VEMP test. Both groups were matched based on gender and age.
Results: VEMP responses were absent bilaterally in 10 out of 35 patients. 4 patients were excluded from the study because they did not receive CI during present study. From 21 remaining patients, 5 cases lost VEMP responses in their implanted ear after surgery. In control group, VEMP responses were present bilaterally.
Conclusion: The results of present study indicate that saccule dysfunction in CI candidates is extremely probable and this is possible that saccule get impaired after CI.
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