Nutritional Knowledge Among Ahvaz Oil Company Employees: A Cross-sectional Study

Nutrition and Food Sciences Research

Volume 1 - Number Suppl1

Article Type: Original Article

Background and Objectives: Lack of correct knowledge about nutrition cause incorrect dietary behaviors which consequently cause obesity and their realted health complications. Therefore we amid to investigate the nutritional knowledge of oil company employees in Ahvaz. Method and Material: In this cross-sectional study, 508 male employees with mean age of 48.6±9.32 years were recruited from different categories jobs in Petroleum Company. We evaluated their nutritional knowledge with 30-items questionnaire using lekert scoring. Data was analyzed with SPSS software. Result: we find that 25% of subject had weak knowledge about nutrition and food choices; however 35/6% and 35/3 % had acceptable and moderate knowledge respectively. Only 4% of employees have good knowledge about nutrition. Conclusion: Our results showed that most of oil company employees had poor nutrition knowledge which predisposed them to non-communicable disease such as diabetes and decrease their work performances. Therefore, it is suggested that nutritional training program such as workshop, pamphlet were programmed for them to elevate their knowledge.