Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude of People about Foods that Contain Probiotics

Nutrition and Food Sciences Research

Volume 1 - Number Suppl1

Article Type: Original Article

Background: Today, effects of probiotics is incontrovertibly proven while many people may not be aware of. The purpose of the study is to investigate the level of knowledge and attitude of people in the probiotic-containing material. Methods: The present cross-sectional study on 150 families of Tabriz that referred to Tabriz hypermarket inquiry and direct observation method was used. Economic and social information and people’s knowledge and attitude about probiotics fabricated assessed by a self administered questionnaire in a face to face method. Assessments of status into tertiles were determined. Results: Half of responsible for purchase were men and more than80%of them had higher than diploma education. Since only 36.7% of participants had heard the probiotics word and Long familiar with the term in nearly one third of the study population less than 1 year. More than half of the people who heard these word have been know that packed Commercial products containing probiotic and they aware of keeping situation ,differs from many other materials also these people were aware of probiotics Indications. Only about one fifth of those with knowledge of the products they buy and use, 60% of these had zero Point aware and average were 2.323.32. Nearly 70% of people who had heard the word believed that probiotic food is beneficial and 58.3% believed that old people can use these products. Most important source of information in order to were media, advertising shop and Friends. Conclusion: The findings suggest a lack of knowledge so More than half of the subjects Therefore, raising the level of awareness with different learning styles is suggested.