The effect of probiotic yogurt on inflammatory factors in healthy young women

Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine

Volume 5 - Number Suppl.1

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Objectives: Probiotics are certain living microorganisms affecting the flora of the body, with anti-inflammatory effects and improving health. The present study is done with the purpose of evaluating the effects of probiotic yogurt on inflammatory factors in healthy young women. Materials and Methods: In this empirical study, 27 healthy female students were randomly divided into two groups of intervention (14 people) and control (13 people). The intervention group received 450 gr of probiotic yogurt and the control group received the same amount of simple yogurt for 14 days. Blood samples were taken before and after the intervention to measure inflammatory factors. Data was analyzed using Independent and paired t-tests. Results: The results showed that 14 days of supplementation with probiotic yogurt in the intervention group decreased TNF- α, IL-6, hs- CRP serum levels, as compared to the beginning of the study and to the control group, but this decrease was not statistically significant. Conclusion: Probiotic yogurt may improve health and change inflammatory factors, but further studies are required in this area.