The Relationship of Altruistic Behavior, Empathetic Sense, and Social Responsibility with Happiness among University Students

Practice in Clinical Psychology

Volume 4 - Number 1

Article Type: Original Article

Objective:The present research aimed to study the relationship of altruistic behavior, empathetic sense, and social responsibility with happiness
Methods: This research was a survey, cross sectional and correlational study. Hence, a total of 300 university students were selected through random-stratified sampling from the students of Islamic Azad University. The students filled out the research tools including altruism, empathy, social responsibility questionnaires and Oxford happiness questionnaire. The obtained data
were analyzed using the Pearson correlation and enter multiple regressions by SPSS version 20.
Results: Results showed a significant relationship between happiness, altruistic behavior, empathetic sense, and social responsibility (P<0.05). Moreover, happy individuals demonstrate more cooperative behaviors and are more satisfied with their residence.
Conclusion: Happiness as one of the most fundamental positive feelings has a crucial role in creating altruism and empathy in both the individual and the society.

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