Effects of Bio-stimulators on fenugreek (TRIGONELLA FOENUMGRACUM L.) under drought stress for decrease chemical fertilizers application

Journal of Biodiversity and Ecological Sciences

Volume 3 - Number 3

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: To investigate the effects of drought stress and chemical fertilizer and biostimulators on yield and some quantitative characteristics of Trigonella foenumgracum, a factorial experiment was conducted on the basis of completely randomized blocks design with three replicates in Department of Cultivation and Development, Institute of Medicinal Plants, ACECR in Karaj, Iran in 2011. Treatment included drought stress with levels of non stress (40%FC), average stress (55%FC) and Severe stress (70%FC) and fertilizer with levels control (A), aminolforte (B), Fosnutren (C), kadostim (D), humiforte(E), humiforte+50% (NPK)(F), humiforte+100% (NPK)(G). Results showed that effect of fertilizer ×drought stress was significant (P≤0.01) on parameters of chlorophyl, plant height , petiole length, Root fresh weight, Root dry weight, total seeds fresh weight, total seeds dry weight, seeds thousand weight, the number of seeds per pod. So that was the most chlorophyll, petiole length, number of seeds per pod related to the combination treatment Fosnutren with non stress and most plant height, root dry weight, root fresh weight, seed dry weight related to the combination treatment humiforte+100% (NPK) with severe stress and most seeds fresh weight related to the combination treatment humiforte+100% (NPK) with average stress and most seeds thousand weight related to the combination treatment kadostim with severe stress .
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