Modern Epigenetic Detection Techniques: current trend and future direction

Nutrition and Food Sciences Research

Volume 1 - Number Suppl1

Article Type: Review Article

As a broad definition, epigenetics is the combined heritable changes in phenotype caused by processes that take place independent of primary DNA sequence. DNA methylation and histone modifications are two broad areas of epigenetics. DNA methylation profiling is important in understanding genetic evolution of embryonic and adult cells and provide insight into the complex circuit of genetic and epigenetic regulations. Methods: In this review, a summary of several modern technologies is given whose scope is at sub-genome and genome levels: IlluminaBeadChip as an example of microarray technology, and Nanopore technology as an instance of next-generation sequencing platforms are detailed. Conclusion: A comparison of some modern technologies are made and the issues of “different methods for different questions” and “future direction” are further discussed in the lecture.