Sport Nutrition Marketing: Shift from Athletes to Lifestyle Users

Nutrition and Food Sciences Research

Volume 1 - Number Suppl1

Article Type: Review Article

Recent Studies demonstrate that sport supplements are moving slowly from the markets to mass markets sales. During the last decade, customers shift from body builders and weight trainers to life- style users and, hence, new market and manufactures chances. The billion dollar market for sport supplements is estimated in the USA as the biggest market around the world. These supplements are classified into three main groups; 1) functional foods, 2) beverages, and 3) supplements. Most of the users are weight trainers, athletes, recreational users and the most important consumers in recent year are “lifestyle” users.They are consumers who need to feel fit and healthy and believe that they are involved in a healthy program through utilization of these products. There is anhigher interest for sport beverages. Energy bars and high-protein content bars can be used for dieters to prevent hunger. Ingredients that claim to reduce weight and burn calories are more in demand due to the in- terests of customers.