Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel cyclic-imides as hypoglycaemic, anti-hyperlipidemic agents.

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 46 - Number 9

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Certain new halogenated cyclic-imides related to N-substituted phthalimide moiety were synthesized. Spacers of one or two carbon atom distances were inserted to connect the N-terminus of the cyclic-imide nuclei to the used heteroaryl groups to evaluate the effect of such alteration on biological activity. The synthesized compounds were subjected to hypoglycaemic and anti-hyperlipidemic evaluation. Some of the tested compounds proved to be more potent than the reference drugs glibenclamide and clofibrate. Compound 5e remarkably reduced serum glucose level by 55%; while 5c, 5e, 7d and 8e reduced total serum cholesterol by 58, 56, 54 and 53%, respectively. Those new cyclic-imides could be considered as useful template for future development to obtain more potent hypoglycaemic and anti-hyperlipidemic agents.