Anesthesia without intubation in Laser laryngeal surgery

مجله گوش، گلو، بيني و حنجره ايران

دوره 16 - شماره 38

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Background: General anesthesia using intubation in laser laryngeal surgery can cause explosion and reduced appropriate field of surgeon. Methods: In the present study anesthesia without intubation was applied in 32 patients undergoing laser laryngeal surgery. At the beginning, 0.1 mg/kg diazepam and 1.5 ?g/kg fentanyl were injected intravenously. The supra laryngeal nerve was then blocked using 2 ml of lidocaine 2%, and induction was performed using 2 mg/kg propofol. Throughout the entire anesthesia period propofol infusion and IV fentanyl were continued according to depth of anesthesia and hemodynamic stability. PaCo2 and SpO2 were monitored using pulse oximetry, and ABG was measured. Results: Mean values of Spao2, systolice blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and PaCo2 were 87.9±9, 130.6±15, 83.7±7 and 51.1±5 respectively. Surgeon satisfaction was excellent in 87.5% and moderate in 12.5%. Duration of operation was 30-40 min. Conclusion: These results showed that although there was a small but acceptable respiratory acidosis using anesthesia without intubation, the satisfaction of the surgeon was excellent. Therefore the results of he present study recommended using the above anesthesia method in laser laryngeal surgery.