Evaluation of effects of adenoidal hypertrophy on occlusion and indexes of face and jaw in 6-12 years old children

مجله گوش، گلو، بيني و حنجره ايران

دوره 16 - شماره 38

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Adenoid hypertrophia is one of the most prevalent disorders in childhood that affects many human organs, and disturbs their functions. The reasons for this hypertrophy have not been clearly indicted probably frequent infections, allergy, rhinitis and chronic sinusitis have an important role in its development. The purpose of this study was evaluating effects of adenoid hypertrophy on occlusion and some indexes of the face and jaw. For this purpose, 48 children (6-12 years) with adenoid hypertrophy (As a case group) were compared with 48 children as the control group. Subjects were children referred to Khorassan faculty of dentistry, private dental offices, and Isfahan medical sciences hospitals and they were chosen in a simple random method. For statistical analysis we used SPSS, and Chi-square test. The results showed that children with adenoid hypertrophy had more mouth breathing, greater overjet and less overbite and posterior cross bite, anterior open bite, abnormal dental class, and rhinolalia than the control group.