Wound healing effect of Rosemary and chamomile combination in rat


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The purpose of this study was to evaluate healing effect of Rosemarinus officinalis's extract (ROE) and Matricaria chamomilla's extract (MCE) and their combination (ROE-MCE) on experimental cutaneous burn injury. Animals were separated into four groups to receive extracts control, ROE or MCE and the combination in a cream base three times daily for 15 days starting 12 hour post induction of burn injury using a device to produce 200°C heat. The wound image was captured on a daily basis up to 15 days and then evaluated by Image Mixel software. Samples from the wound area were obtained on the end of treatment for histopathology examination. The percentage of the wound healing in the ROE, MCE, ROE-MCE, and control groups were 48.2, 56.5, 88.5, and 9.8 indicating that combination group was much effective than other groups. Histological examination showed that re-epithelialization of wound area was much better when combination therapy was used. The results of this study raise the possibility of potential efficacy of ROE-MCE combination in accelerating cutaneous burn injury.