Work-Related Penetrating Head Trauma Caused by Industrial Grinder Tool

Archives of Iranian Medicine

Volume 5 - Number

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Nonmissile low-velocity penetrating brain injuries are unusual among civilian population. Work-related penetrating head wounds are rarer among this group. Here, we report two rare cases of penetrating head wounds caused by industrial grinder tool. The patients (both men) were struck to the head by detached blades of the grinder tool. Depressed fractures, penetrated bone fragments, and dural lacerations were all treated by the routine fashion. Paranasal sinus damage and further cerebrospinal fluid leakage were also treated conservatively. The reported cases are unexpected variants of injuries that neurosurgeons may come across and their management is still beyond the scope of textbooks. Skill and experience of the general neurosurgeons can handle the cases properly but prevention of such incidents using safer and guarded instruments should be stressed to manufacturers.