The status of self-control and its relation to drug abuse-related behaviors among Iranian male high school students

Social Behavior and Personality

Volume 4 - Number

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This study examined relationships between self-control status and substance abuse and substance abuse-related behaviors. Male high school students (N=183) completed a questionnaire assessing self-control, resistance self-efficacy, behavioral intention not to use drugs, and negative attitudes toward drug use, and substance abuse-related behaviors. Students with poor self-control reported that they had used drugs and smoked to a significant extent; they also experienced pressure from their peers to use drugs and smoke. Students with poor self-control reported being exposed to violence from parents and tended to avoid school. A significantly inverse relationship between poor self-control, intention, and attitudes towards drug abuse was found among these students. Adolescents with poor self-control are vulnerable to substance abuse and social self-control training skills are relevant in substance abuse prevention programs. © Society for Personality Research (Inc.).