Sotalol nanolevel detection at an Au microelectrode in flowing solutions

Russian Journal of Electrochemistry

Volume 9 - Number

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Sotalol detection in tablets is achieved with the help of a newly developed, time-saving, and simple method, called fast Fourier transform with continuous cyclic voltammetry (FFTCV). Noticeably, FFTCV illustrates two advantages, not being demonstrated by earlier reports. First, there is no requirement for the oxygen removal from the test solution. In addition, the speed of the method for determining any compound is high in a broad range of chromatographic methods. This research includes the observation of effects of various parameters (influence of the pH of the eluent, accumulation potential, sweep rate, accumulation time) on the sensitivity of the detection system. Finally, the technique was found to be linear for the concentration range of 3-14900 pg/ml (r = 0.998) with a limit of detection and quantitation of 0.95 pg/ml and 3 pg/ml, respectively.