The risk factors and the treatment course of cerebral venous thrombosis: an experience of 41 cases

Acta Neurologica Belgica

Volume 3 - Number

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Background: The present study was designed to describe the characteristics, risk factors and prognosis of patients diagnosed with CVT in our center Method. The present retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted on patients diagnosed with cerebral vein or sinus thrombosis based on the patients' clinical presentation and the findings of the imaging studies between 2003 and 2008. The patients were studied for possible risk factors and the resultant outcome after terminating the therapeutic course Results Headache, the most common symptom reported in 80% of the cases, was considered the first symptom in only 46% of these patients. Coma, focal motor deficit at presentation, hemorrhagic conversion of infarction and thrombosis in more than one sinus were factors associated with unfavorable outcome in these patients. Conclusion. Physicians should always have CVT in mind while examining patients particularly women on pills who complain about headache. More studies however are needed to point out more specific presentations which would lead to the early diagnosis of CVT in the patients.