Purification and removal of Ascaris and Fasciola hepatica eggs from drinking water using roughing filters

Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering

Volume 3 - Number

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The performance of a horizontal roughing filter (HRF) and a downflow roughing filter (DRF) in the removal of Ascaris and Fasciola hepatica eggs was investigated. The experiments were performed at three filtration rates of 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 m/h and different influent concentrations of Ascaris and Fasciola hepatica eggs. Alteration of the filtration rate in the range of 0.5-1.5 m/h did not have significant influence on the effectiveness of the roughing filters. The HRF had higher efficiency in the removal of both Fasciola hepatica and Ascaris eggs in comparison with the DRF, so that the average efficiencies of the HRF for the removal of Fasciola hepatica and Ascaris eggs at filtration rate of 1.0 m/h Were determined to be 89.0 and 57.3%, respectively, whereas the same values of the DRF were 77.2 and 52.5%, respectively. The straining was confirmed to be the main mechanism of helminth eggs removal by the roughing filters, because Fasciola hepatica eggs with larger size were removed more effectively than Ascaris eggs. The results of this study indicate that the roughing filters, especially the HRF, had promising performance in the removal of helminth eggs and could be used for water and secondary effluent treatment.