Preparation and characterization of specific and high-affinity monoclonal antibodies against morphine


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A C6-hemisuccinate derivative of morphine was prepared and conjugated to bovine serum albumin. High titer antibody producing spleen cells were removed and fused with myeloma cells of Sp2/0 origin. A C3-hemisuccinate derivative of morphine was prepared and conjugated to enzyme penicillinase used as a tracer molecule. A novel enzyme-linked immunoadsorbent assay was developed using this conjugate to screen and characterize the monoclonal antibody produced in these experiments. After two successive limiting dilutions, antibodies produced by 5 clones with good affinities ranging from 10(8) to 10(12) M(-1) and less cross-reaction (least for codeine and other structurally related molecules) were selected. These clones were found to be of IgG class with kappa light chain. Subclass determination showed that two of the clones produced IgG2b and three of them produced IgG1 type of antibody. Affinity purifications were performed for the selected clone (MOR-I). Purified antibody was coated onto the wells of microtiter plate. The standard curve was constructed with a sensitivity of 100 pg/mL covering up to 10 ng/mL in buffer and urine. The slope of the standard curve for selected clone in buffer and urine was calculated to be -0.7 and -0.64, respectively.