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Excessive production of reactive oxygen species has been observed following acute and chronic exposure to radiation in animal models which can lead to several detrimental and irreversible outcomes in vital organs. Aim of this study was to determine the oxidative stress status in radiology unit workers which are exposed to persistent low-dose radiation. Methods: A group of 32 radiology unit employees along with 32 sex- and age-matched hospital workers, not exposed to low-dose radiation were recruited from two separate hospitals for the study. Exposed subjects showed higher levels of lipid peroxidation (P=0.009), total antioxidant capacity (P = 0.0006) and thiol groups (P = 0.03). It is concluded that occupationally exposed individuals are oxidatively stressed and precautions such as antioxidant therapy seems reasonable. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.