Nattrassia mangiferae keratitis after laser in situ keratomileusis

Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Volume 1 - Number

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A 32-year-old man had photophobia and blurred vision 2 weeks after uneventful laser in situ keratomileusis to correct myopia. He was treated with steroids for suspected diffuse lamellar keratitis, antiherpetics, and antibiotic eyedrops, but the condition worsened and the patient developed further blurred vision, an inflamed eye, and pain. When referred to us, the patient had an extensive corneal ulcer with hypopyon and mycelia were reported in scrapings of the ulcer bed. Nattrassia mangiferae (Hendersonula toruloidea) was cultured from the specimen. The patient was treated with antifungal agents and 2 penetrating keratoplasties. At the last examination, the uncorrected visual acuity was 20/200.