Granuloma faciale: successful treatment of nine cases with a combination of cryotherapy and intralesional corticosteroid injection

International Journal of Dermatology

Volume 7 - Number

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Background Granuloma faciale is a rare disorder characterized by asymptomatic papules, nodules, and plaques on the face. Although the exact pathogenesis of this disease is unclear, it is considered a variant of leukocytoclastic vasculitis confined to the skin. Several medical and surgical methods have been used to treat it with variable results. Case reports We report nine cases of granuloma faciale treated with a combination of cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen and intralesional injection of corticosteroids. Results The lesions cleared completely in all of the patients without any side-effects. No recurrences have been observed. Conclusions Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, followed by intralesional injection of corticosteroids, is a safe and effective method to treat granuloma faciale.