Frequency of hepatitis C virus genotypes in infected patients in Charmahal-O-Bakhtiari Province, Iran


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In Iran, limited information exists on the epidemiology of hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes in different districts of the country. In Charmahal-O-Bakhtiari Province, there was no datum on the mentioned issue. In this study, serum samples were collected from 80 clinical patients (suspected to have HCV infection between 2009 and 2010) and tested in a laboratory in Hajar Hospital of Shahre-Kord, Charmahal-O-Bakhtiari Province, Iran; they were analyzed for HCV ribonucleic acid (RNA). The most frequently found genotype was genotype 3a, present in 11 to 17 (64.7%) patients, followed by genotype 1a. In conclusion, the most frequent HCV genotype in Shahre-Kord was 3a, which was different from that of Iran's general population, an indication that the epidemiology of HCV infection in the region is drug abuse predominated. More studies are needed to confirm this conclusion.