Evaluation of Exposure to Whole-Body Vibration and its Health Effects on Train Operators in Tehran-Andimeshk line, Iran

Journal of Low Frequency Noise Vibration and Active Control

Volume 4 - Number

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A field study has been carried out to investigate whole-body vibration exposure levels experienced by the train operators of an old train which circulates between Tehran and Andimeshk in the south of Iran. The objective of this study was to measure whole-body vibration transmitted to personnel on the train. Fatigue Decreased Proficiency Boundary (FDPB) and Exposure Limit (EL) were used to evaluate the vibration measured in three directions. The health effects related to whole-body vibration were statistically analyzed after completing a questionnaire. The results indicated that the total equivalent acceleration level induced in the personnel was higher than the permissible level of FDPB (108dB) and exposure limit (114dB) for 12 hours of exposure, recommended by ISO 2631. There were no statistically significant relationships amongst the health variables and age except lack of concentration, P=0.014, as well as job history. Conversely, there was significant statistical relationship between EL and Hearing disorders, Vomiting and Loss of appetite among personnel. Therefore, the statistical test. results only revealed some physiological effects with regard to WBV. Hence, beside WBV other factors must be taken into consideration to judge about other physiological or subjective disorders caused by WBV.