An epidemiological study of poisoning in Northern Islamic Republic of Iran

Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

Volume 1 - Number

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We examined the causes and mortality of poisoning in the province of Mazandaran. In all, 1751 poisoning cases referred to four main hospitals over a three-year period (1997-2000) were included. More poisoning cases were females (55.5%) than males (45.5%) but the proportional mortality for males was greater than for females (65% versus 35%). The greatest proportion of poisonings occurred between the ages of 16 and 25 years. Most frequent was intentional poisoning, followed by accidental and occupational poisoning. Medicines were the most common cause, followed by chemicals such as pesticides. Poisoning by opiates, aluminium or zinc phosphide, rodenticides, petroleum and ethanol intoxication was also observed. Pesticide poisoning was most frequently fatal.