Does essential oil of Carum copticum affect acetylcholine-induced contraction in isolated rat's Ileum?

Journal of Sports Science and Medicine

Volume 12 - Number

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Our previous study demonstrated that aqueous extract of Carum copticum reduced contraction activity of rat's ileum; this study was conducted to examine the effect of essential oil from C. copticum on acetylcholine induced contraction in isolated rat's ileum. In experimental procedures, the tissue samples were suspended from the transducer lever, mounted in the organ bath containing Tyrode's solution and isotonic responses were recorded by using an isotonic transducer and the amplitude of contractions induced by cumulative log concentrations of acetylcholine after exposing tissue by saline, different concentrations of essential oil or aqueous extract Our findings showed that essential oil derived from extract in concentrations more than 0.002% reduced acetylcholine -induced contractions. The relaxant effect observed in this study is probably due to the thymol which is the main constituent of the essential oil.