Development of low-fat and low-calorie beef sausage using modified starch as fat replacement agent


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BACKGROUND: The effects of modified waxy maize starch (MWMS, 1032.5 g kg-1) as a replacement for varying levels of oil or both oil and wheat flour (WF) on the chemical and technological characteristics of 60% beef sausages were investigated. RESULTS: Addition of MWMS increased water-holding capacity and decreased moisture content and both cooking and purge losses. Incorporation ofMWMS improved organoleptic acceptance compared with control sausages. CONCLUSION: Sausage formula 5 (F5), containing 20 g kg(-1) MWMS and 50 g kg(-1) WF, was better (P < 0.05) than all other formulae. The total caloric content of the sausages decreased significantlywith decreasing fat level (P < 0.05); for example, the decrease in fat content of 57.4% in F5 led to a significant decrease in energy value of 34.9% (P < 0.05). (C) 2011 Society of Chemical Industry