Determination of fluoride concentration in powdered milk in Iran 2010

Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences

Volume 7 - Number

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High concentrations of fluoride (F) in powdered milk (formula milk) can have adverse health effects on the body. The F concentration in powdered milk was analysed in Iran in 2010. A total of twelve commercial brands of highly consumed powdered milk were selected to analyse the F content through the standard F ion-selective electrode method. From each brand, three samples with different production dates were selected. The means and standard deviation for F concentration in all the samples was 1.73 (SD 0.3) mu g F/g. The minimum and maximum F content in powdered milk brands Humana2 and Humana3 was 1.32 (SD 0.1) and 2.36 (SD 0.3)mu g, F/g, respectively. The study revealed that there was no significant difference in F concentration in the samples that belonged to various dates. Humana3 had a high F concentration (with an average of 2.36 (SD 0.3) mu g F/g), which can be a risk factor for increased dental fluorosis, especially when being prepared using water with a high content of F.