Craniopharyngioma: A clinicopathological study of 141 cases

Endocrine Pathology

Volume 4 - Number

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Craniopharyngioma is a tumor of the suprasellar region that histologically has two distinct variants with some differences in clinical behavior. The papillary type is almost always seen in adults and has a more indolent course compared with the adamantinomatous type, which is more common in childhood. In the present study, surgical specimens of craniopharyngiomas from 141 patients were reviewed. Their histomorphologic types were determined and the clinical features and prognosis of each group were assessed. The sizes of papillary type tumors were smaller and during the follow-up period there was no recurrence in the squamous papillary group. Aside from surgical resection (total vs subtotal), the recurrence rate for papillary type craniopharyngioma was lower than for adamantinomatous type. Histologic typing of craniopharyngioma especially in adults is useful for decision making with regard to treatment and follow-up.