Corneal endothelial cell changes after Ahmed™ valve and Molteno™ glaucoma implants

Ophthalmic Surgery Lasers and Imaging

Volume 5 - Number

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? BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Changes in corneal endothelial cell (CEC) indices 24 months after Ahmed valve (New World Medical, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, CA) and single-plate Molteno implants (Molteno Ophthalmic Limited, Dunedin, New Zealand) were evaluated. ? PATIENTS AND METHODS: This cohort included Ahmed valve (29 eyes) or single-plate Molteno (28 eyes) implants. Preoperative and postoperative central CEC indices were compared. Main outcome measure was endothelial cell count. ?RESULTS: Twenty-four months postoperatively, no difference in visual acuity improvement or decrease in antiglaucoma medications was observed between groups. The Molteno group showed better postoperative intraocular pressure control (P < .001). An 11.52% (Ahmed) and 12.37% (Molteno) reduction in CEC density (cells/mm 2) and 3.78 (Ahmed) and 2.48 (Molteno) increase in CEC area (mm 2) was observed, but no significant between-group difference in CEC density and area or corneal thickness. ? CONCLUSION: Twenty-four months after Ahmed valve or Molteno implant, statistically significant quantitative (cell density) and minor qualitative (cell area) changes in central CEC were observed. Both groups appeared to have similar CEC damage. Copyright © SLACK Incorporated.