Chromosomal studies in infertile men

Russian Journal of Genetics

Volume 3 - Number

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Prometaphase and metaphase chromosome analyses performed on 70 consecutive men with primary infertility (for a period of at least 2 years) revealed 8 (11.42%) men with some kind of chromosomal abnormality. The highest frequency of abnormal karyotypes (10%) was found among patients with azoospermia and the most frequent anomaly was 47, XXY chromosomal constitution, found in 6 (8.57%) patients. All the chromosomal aberrations found in this study was sex chromosomal type and we did not find any autosomal aberration. All patients with numerical chromosomal anomalies had azoospermia. The incidence of structural aberration in our study was 1.42%. Fifteen patients had different chromosomal variants (21.38%). We suggest that men with azoospermia should be considered for cytogenetic investigation and we report that "variants of the Y chromosome" have no influence on the sperm count (million/ml) and fertility of men.