Application of uwh 2o 2 process for enhancement of industrial wastewater biodegradability

Fresenius Environmental Bulletin

Volume 4 A - Number

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The direct application of biological treatment processes for industrial wastewaters can be limited due to presence of refractory compounds. Advanced oxidation processes are considered for partial oxidation and breaking the refractory compounds. The main purpose of this study was to determine the efficiency of pretreatment by UV/H 20 2 oxidation for increasing the BOD5/COD ratio of Shiraz industrial estate wastewater. Optimal conditions of pH, contact time and H 2O 2 concentration in constant UV strength and organic loading were determined for an industrial wastewater with poor biodegradability characteristics. The effluent wastewater from advanced oxidation unit entered a moving bed activated sludge reactor with HRT of 6 hours. Optimum operating conditions for studied wastewater including pH value of = 7, H 2O 2 concentration of 5 itiM and contact time of 90 min, led to enhancement of BOD5/COD ratio from 0.2 to 0.52. Integrated advanced oxidation process with moving bed activated sludge reactor can meet effluent standards for discharge to receiving waters. Integrated advanced oxidation process (UWH 2O 2) and moving bed activated sludge reactor with HRT of 6 hours is an efficient, reliable and feasible alternative for treatment of low biodegradable industrial wastewaters. © by PSP.