ApoB (XbaI) polymorphism and lipid variation in Teharnian population

Chinese Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics

Volume 4 - Number

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This study examines the association of XbaI apolipoprotein B polymorphism with lipid related variables in Tehran lipid and glucose study. 809 subjects from the TLGS population were selected, anthropometrical and biochemical factors were measured. A segment of the apo B gene in exon 26 was amplified by PCR and the polymorphism was revealed by RFLP using XbaI restriction enzyme. Allele frequencies obtained for X(+) and X(-) were 27.6 and 72.4%, respectively. Presence of the X(+) allele was significantly associated with increased levels of total cholesterol (p 0.048), apolipoprotein B (p 0.018), and low-density lipoprotein (p 0.022). The associations were significant even after adjustment for age, BMI, smoking, and history of diabetes. There are some relationships between the presence of different alleles of XbaI polymorphism with serum cholesterol, apoB, and LDL-C concentration. These findings highlight the importance of variation in this gene on some lipid related factors levels.