Alterations of sexual desire and satisfaction in male partners of infertile couples

Fertility and Sterility

Volume 1 - Number

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Objective: To clarify the state of sexual desire and satisfaction, with relevant parameters in men, of couples with infertility. Design: Cross-sectional study. Setting: University outpatient clinic. Patient(s): Two hundred infertile couples referred to a reproductive health research clinic. Intervention(s): Patients were investigated by a self-administered structured questionnaire about demographic data, infertility history, and several relevant psychological variables. In addition, clinical and andrological examinations were completed to find predictors for sexual state. Main Outcome Measurement(s): Sexual desire and satisfaction status were scaled, and the relative factors were analyzed statistically. Result(s): Subjects reported a reduction in sexual desire in 41.5% of cases and reduction of satisfaction in 52.5% compared with recalled sexual satisfaction before diagnosis of infertility. No relationship was found between andrological findings and the present status of sexual desire (P>.05). Education level, mutual understanding between couples, and recalled state of sexual satisfaction had a direct influence, but the duration of infertility and duration of desire for a child showed a significant inverse impact on sexual satisfaction (P<.05). Conclusion(s): Less than 50.0% of patients mentioned a reduction in sexual desire and satisfaction after infertility diagnosis, and the frequency of coitus could be regarded as an acceptable indicator of sexual satisfaction in male partners of infertile couples.