The effect of summarizing model essays on developing efl learners' writing skill

World Applied Sciences Journal

Volume 4 - Number 19

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The purposes of this study are twofold: its first aim is to investigate the effect of summarizing model essays on developing writing skill; it also attempts to determine which aspects of writing (grammar, vocabulary, mechanics, fluency and form) will develop by summarizing model essays. Based on the scores in a preliminary English test (Pet), the participants were equally divided into two groups: control group and experimental group. Control group practiced reading model essays extensively and experimental group summarized model essays. Students were asked to write an argumentative essay as the pretest. The students received 21 treatment sessions, after which a post-test was administered. The results revealed that summarizing model essays significantly affected EFL learners' writing by developing all aspects of writing specially grammar, mechanics, fluency and form in comparison to the control group which did not show a significant difference from pre-test to post-test except for the vocabulary. Vocabulary score was the highest in both groups in the post-test. The findings of the study suggest that reading model essays solely cannot be helpful for students and teachers should encourage students to summarize model essays for a better achievement. © IDOSI Publications, 2012.