Modeling of breast cancer prognostic factors using a parametric log-logistic model in fars province, southern iran

Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention

Volume 4 - Number 13

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In general, breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women in developed as well as some developing countries, often being the second leading cause of cancer mortality after lung cancer. Using a parametric log-logistic model to consider the effects of prognostic factors, the present study focused on the 5-year survival of women with the diagnosis of breast cancer in Southern Iran. A total of 1,148 women who were diagnosed with primary invasive breast cancer from January 2001 to January 2005 were included and divided into three prognosis groups: poor, medium, and good. The survival times as well as the hazard rates of the three different groups were compared. The log-logistic model was employed as the best parametric model which could explain survival times. The hazard rates of the poor and the medium prognosis groups were respectively 13 and 3 times greater than in the good prognosis group. Also, the difference between the overall survival rates of the poor and the medium prognosis groups was highly significant in comparison to the good prognosis group. Use of the parametric log-logistic model - also a proportional odds model - allowed assessment of the natural process of the disease based on hazard and identification of trends.