Migraine risk factors in qashqai migrating nomads: An adjusted multiple correspondence analysis approach

Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences

Volume 3 - Number 28

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Objectives: To determine the migraine risk factors in Qashqai migrating nomads using an adjusted multiple correspondence analysis approach. Methodology: In summer 2006, 750 Qashqai migrating nomads aged 25 years or older in Fars Province, Southern Iran were enrolled using a multiple-stage cluster random sampling. A questionnaire consisting of demographic characteristics, lifestyle and migraine diagnosis was used for each subject. The association of each risk factor was assessed using an adjusted multiple correspondence analysis. Results: The prevalence of migraine was 18% in males and 28% in females. It was higher in overweight and obese subjects, those who consumed roasted foods, widows, female gender and in the age group of 35-50 years old. Conclusion: Multiple correspondence analyses were suitable choices to determine detailed results of complex categorical data in migraine risk factors.