Liquid color recognition by using an optical reflection system

Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 18 - Number 12

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Operation of an optomechanical system for color reflection study is reported. The reported system consists of a double-fiber optical design and an electro-mechanical scanning system. In the double-fiber arrangement one fiber transmits the source light to the target surface and the second one sends the reflected light off the sample target to a photodetector. By scanning the double-fiber probe in one-direction reflection properties of different color liquid samples are investigated in this study. A cubic cell made of glass material is used as the liquid container and reflection signals are compared for different filled color liquids. The maximum reflection signals are: for the yellow color (19.78 mV), next red color (12.43 mV) and finally black color shows the minimum reflection signal of (8.77 mV) from the same sample cell and experimental conditions. It must be pointed out that the corrected signal for the empty cell is 16.0 mV. Obtained results showed that the reported system can be used effectively to recognize the liquid color in a transparent cell container. © 2012 Asian Network for Scientific Information.