Comparison of side effects and marital satisfaction between the women taking cyclofem and depo medroxyprogesteron contraceptive ampoules


Volume 9 - Number 6

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Introduction: None of the contraceptive methods is fault-free and all come with some complications. In this study we investigated the comparison of complications and marital satisfaction between the women taking Cyclofem contraceptive ampoule and DMPA. Material and Methods: This study was performed on 300 married women use cyclofem and Depo Medroxyprogesterone for family planning. 150 people in each group. Data collection tools included two types of questionnaires; one for studying the complications and the other for examining the marital satisfaction(Enrich Couple Questionnaire). Result: Increased days of menstrual bleeding in Depo Medroxy consumers were more than those of Cyclofem consumers, and there is a significant difference (P=0.004). Furthermore, both groups are similar in terms of weight changes, mood disorders, libido changes and all other complications and there was no significant difference. Cyclofem ampoule has been used 62% for one year, Depo Medroxy ampoule has been used 60% for one year. Continuation rate of using Depo Medroxyprogesterone was more than Cyclofem. (P=0.02) There was no significant relationship between marital satisfaction and age, education, number of children and job. Average marital satisfaction in women using Depo Medroxyprogesterone contraceptive method was 116.79+/- 8.62 that was significantly higher than the average marital satisfaction in women using Cyclofem contraceptive method as 114.53+/- 7.16 (P = 0.01). Conclusion: based on the results achieved in the present and similar studies, the complications occurred by Cyclofem and Depo Medroxyprogesterone ampoules are similar and they have no significant difference; and these complications are not fatal and irreversible.