An investigation of the share of elements of the marketing mix for selling icp-monitoring devices in medical centers of fars, iran

World Applied Sciences Journal

Volume 10 - Number 17

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This study aimed at investigating and evaluating the relationship between the Marketing Mix and selling the ICP Monitoring-manufactured by Möller Factory, Germany-in Fars medical centers, Iran and determining the priority and effective combination of controllable factors on the sale of this product. The research question is whether there is a relationship between a cohesive model of 4P's and the amount of sell for the ICP monitoring device. The society and sample consisted of managers, directors and personnel; the manager and personnel's of the neurology ICU; and medical engineers and neurology ICU wards in Fars, Iran. The present research used elements of the 4P's Marketing Mix and their sub elements as independent variables and the volumes of sale as the dependent variables. To answer the research questions, Wilcoxon's Non- Parametric test was used for the abnormal distribution; and T-Student's parametric test was used for the normal distribution. The results showed that, in general, the element "Product" and its sub elements were the most effective and statistically most significant factors regarding the volume of selling this product. The next significant factors were the elements "Price" and "Promotion" and their sub-elements. Place was the least significant factor regarding the volume of sale. The implications of the study for the improvement of the sale of the ICP Monitoring have been presented. © IDOSI Publications, 2012.