A qualitative evaluation of men living with hiv: Views on condom use

Archives of Iranian Medicine

Volume 12 - Number 15

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Background: Unprotected sexual activity is an important reason for the currently growing incidence of HIV infection in Iran. Recognizing barriers to safe sexual practice and affordance of behavioral changes can improve planning for condom promotion. The main objective of our study is to evaluate the opinions of HIV-positive men on condom use. Methods: Our study was performed at three behavioral disease consultation clinics (HIV care clinics) in Tehran, Iran. Participants were initially selected among HIV-positive male patients by convenience sampling and narrowed-down by maximum diversity sampling in order to obtain the number of patients that would express various viewpoints regarding barriers and benefits to condom use. Data were collected using in-depth semi-structured individual interviews. All interviews were recorded and transcribed, and the codes were extracted after reviewing them several times. Results: In this study, 22 HIV-positive men with a mean age of 37.5 +/- 7.3 years were interviewed. Participants mentioned the prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases as a benefit of condom use. However, most named decreased sexual satisfaction as the most important reason for not using condom. Because of decreased sexual satisfaction and unpleasantness, 9% of participants had not used condom during sexual intercourse. Conclusion: The most important reason for not using condom was decreased sexual satisfaction. This study has indicated a need for consultations with HIV-positive and at risk populations to change their attitudes towards condom use and demonstrate the advantages of condom. To achieve this, government programs and media should be utilized.